I can’t walk around in the dark, I’m hopeless at it. 

I’m so bad at it, I can barely navigate from bathroom to bed without running into something.  I always turn the corner too soon believing that I am walking around the bed, only to walk straight into it.

My remedy for this is to instruct Sage to turn the lights on.

It might be ridiculous, but I freely admit I am not designed to navigate the dark.


Sage on the other hand is in denial. 


She believes she is an owl like ninja, who can get around in the dark with perfect ease.  However, the bruises all over her legs prove otherwise. 


Now, I have spent my fair share of time stuck in the bush, having to navigate my way back to camp in the black of night.  So I understand that our eyes do adjust somewhat to the dark.  But even though they adjust, I think we could all agree; we weren’t designed to see perfectly in the dark.


For so many of us however, our lives and the choices we make from time to time, look as though we are navigating in darkness.


Alice Vanderpol shared a message a couple of Sunday’s ago titled “the Race, the Resistance, the Reward.” 

If you missed that sermon you can watch it here.


During this message she touched on how God wants to be the navigator of our lives. 



Psalm 119:105

By your words I can see where I’m going;
    they throw a beam of light on my dark path.
I’ve committed myself and I’ll never turn back
    from living by your righteous order.


Something I have discovered is how easy it is for a torches light to become dull.


I’ve been out hunting and walking back to camp only to discover I neglected to take spare batteries with me.  Which if you’ve been in this predicament will know it’s not always the greatest of fun.


While I’ve had it happen physically to me, I have also had it happen in my spiritual life.


There’s been times I have ceased reading my bible and allowing Gods words to illuminate my path, and I’ve been lost as with which direction to turn.


Just like being stuck in the bush with dull batteries, stuck in life without a light is equally not fun.


You may not be in a dark season where you need a torch at the moment. But, let me tell you from both physical and spiritual experience…it pays dividends to keep the torch that’s lighting your path charged up.


So some simple ways to keep your torch charged up



1)  Start small

You don’t have to charge through chapter after chapter of the bible every day.  For some of us when we are dull, that is off putting.

Start small.  Start with a few verses.  Or just one chapter.

Start small and let it grow from there.


2)  Change translations

Sometimes an easy way to recharged the batteries is to read a different translation.

Throughout most of my life I have read either the NIV, or NKJV of the bible. 

But right now, I’m reading the Message version, and I’m finding it speaking to me in a fresh light.


If you aren’t getting light out of what you are reading currently, try a different translation for a time.


3)  Begin a devotional

The best part about this is; the list of free devotionals from the bible app are endless. 

Jump on and choose one that speaks to you.



However it is that you keep your torch light charged, be diligent in doing so.