When God called Moses to lead His people out of Egypt, he accepted a position of influence, not affluence. Although he was being asked to lead a large number of people, Moses realised he must also become a follower himself.

To do that, he had to spend time following the presence of God....

Like Moses we too have to be diligent in putting aside time to spend in God's Presence, to be followers of His Presence.

Whether that looks like putting on some worship music, reading your bible or sitting down with a cup of coffee and talking to God.  It's important that we are positioning ourselves for success, not failure, by making His Presence a priority in our lives.

The question I have for us today is..."What are you doing today to be an active follower of Jesus?"


To help with that, as a Church we have a list of Next Steps we’re encouraging everyone to engage in (even if you’re not part of Epicentre Church, these are great Next Steps you can engage in at your own church).

While none of the below are a requirement of being a Christian, we believe that when it comes to actively living out our faith, they are great next steps to be engaging in.


Here’s our list of Next Steps

P.S. if you want more information about Next Steps see the Next Steps section of the website.


Be in a community. 

We want everyone to be in a link—we call small groups links.

Why? Because we want everyone to grow in their relationship with Jesus as well as their relationship with like-minded people. 

 Join the mission

Sunday can’t happen without volunteers, and neither can links or Brunch or Christmas Spectacular, etc.  We want/need everyone to serve. 

 Give generously

I love what EpicKids is doing this year with their curriculum.  I love how they are not just engaging with the children in the program, but they are engaging with parents during the week by giving them active ways they as parents can be backing up and talking about with their children what they learnt that Sunday in EpicKids.  Why are we doing this?  Because it takes a village to raise children.

I love that EpicKids is doing all they can to help be part of that village for parents.  But it costs money.  When we give, we aren’t just putting money towards wages and power, we are giving towards a mission and vision.


Bring a friend

Most people don’t come to church unless they are invited. 

Every single one of us have friends, family or co-workers who don’t go to church who perhaps are only one invite away from coming to church.