The Bible Project

We are a link made up of people with a wide range of gifts, knowledge and life experiences. Our walk with God will never be the same as someone else’s- so let’s explore our individual gifts and our core beliefs. 

Why do we believe what we believe? And what can we do practically so that we are truly representing God to everyone we encounter in our daily lives? 

What we are doing this term is gathering together and watching a different episode from the Bible Project each week, and then discussing it together.

Our goal is to be a link where everyone feels included, known and connected. 

We’d love to have you join us Tuesday nights 7pm

Body Mind & Spirit Link

Hosted by Alex & Sage, we are a group of people focusing on the body, mind and spirit through Pilates Exercise, Scripture Meditation and Relaxing; aiming to connect with God on another level by calming the mind and refreshing the heart. We want to bring a bit of relaxation and fun to your end of year. Learning to love who God made us to be.

Wednesday Mornings 7am- 13 Kulgoa Ave, Moama

Wednesday Nights 7:30pm  - Epicentre Building, 1 service st

Friday Mornings 9am – 13 Kulgoa Ave, Moama

A Pilates session followed by a scripture meditation and then discussion.

Christian meditation is different from the style of meditations performed in Eastern religions (such as Buddhism) or in the context of the New Age. While other types of meditation may suggest approaches to disengage the mind, Christian meditation aims to fill the mind with thoughts related to Jesus, his Love his Grace and our thankfulness for him. Leading from the mind to the heart.

We’d love to have you join us.